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About Me

Hossams_photoMy name is Hossam Ashtawy, a former R&D Quantitative Analyst and Data Scientist at Ford Motor Company. Currently, I lead the Steerable Path Planning team for a Level 2 autonomous driving feature at Ford. I live in southeast Michigan with my lovely wife Galya and two daughters Danya and Lyla. I did my MS & PhD at Michigan State University in electrical and computer engineering. My background and interests span the entire computing stack, from transistors all the way up to machine learning and artificial intelligence. I studied Electrical & Electronic Circuits, VLSI, Computer Architecture & Microprocessors, VHDL & FPGA, Assembly Language, Operating Systems, Compilers, Compiled & Scripted Programming Languages, Data Mining, ML, AI, Bioinformatics and Computer Aided Drug Discovery. I taught some of these subjects and published in others. Nowadays, my focus is on data analysis, probabilistic modeling and Bayesian statistics, deep learning, robotics and self-driving cars.